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Week 1 – Modes of Publishing

My first ever blog post – here goes nothing! Week 1 of the ARTS2090 course spoke of the different modes of publishing and how it has transformed over time. Publishing, in its simplest form, is to make something public, pretty basic, yes I know, but what is more interesting is the changing nature of publishing and the social impacts it has had on the world. Quoting a line from the people at the Institute for the Future of the Book, ‘the printed page is giving way to the networked screen’, and in an increasingly digital age, publishing to the public has become easier than ever before.

Nowadays, with technology moving so fast, there are so many different platforms to publish works for audiences to see worldwide. A big factor in this shift is the internet, and as this blog shows, all I have to do is give my email address, set up a password and begin publishing my thoughts all around the world, for anyone to see! As John Naughton writes in the guardian, the iPad is altering the very concept of print publishing, meaning the ‘book’ may change under pressure from these new publishing platforms.

For me, social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as websites such as YouTube have completely changed the dimensions of publishing in recent times. Also, the increase in popularity of the blog, as well as the movement of other mobile media such as music and video mean that contemporary modes of publishing have altered the way audiences, or publics, look at published works. I believe the main driving force behind this change is the internet and how quickly it is able to move information instantaneously around the world, put simply, it has changed the publishing world forever.


The Amazon Kindle – one of the e-readers that has changed the way we look at print media forever!

Of course, I’m not allowed to finish this blog without one special word from the lecture, and I do believe it is playing a big part in the change of publishing platforms. E-readers, such as the Amazon Kindle and the iBookstore on the iPad have changed the way we look at publishing platforms forever. To me, nothing will beat physically holding the printed book in front of your eyes, however, in this digital age, convenience and speed are king, and being able to hold hundreds of books on one device is always going to be easier than carrying kilos of books in your backpack. Its easier to read, store information and is basically the ‘new’ way, so I should probably jump on the bandwagon!


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